Saturday, October 23, 2010

We've been busy so I've been absent

Being here alone with the kids has kept me very busy.

And the rain that's been going for the last 10 days didn't help a bit.

But this hasn't kept me and the kids from getting out and about.

That's a HUGE statement for me. A self-professed homebody.

We attended a couple more football games. My younger nephew's held on Saturday mornings.

My older nephew's Friday evening games at local high schools. Yes. We attended varsity high school games. It's been super fun. I love cheering! We like to sit together but that's not always possible. At one game we all did happen to find space together. Let me just say that we all cheered. My older nephew told my sister that his friend said "Dude, I was sitting near your family and they are LOUD." Was that embarrassing for my nephew? No. He knows that we're loud when we're at games.

We also attended a birthday party where all the kids enjoyed playing games. And they really enjoyed the cake and ice cream as well. Can you believe that my kids didn't want to have anything to do with the root beer floats? Nope. They don't like root beer.

In October, where else would we visit but a pumpkin patch? Right?

The first place we went to was very small, so we went to another one! Yes. ANOTHER pumpkin patch! The kids got to feed some goats, a pig, and some chickens. There were a TON of pumpkins. Even some HUGE ones!

And then tomorrow we're headed to the beach for another birthday party!

Yes. Weekends have been busy.

But it's a good busy. Spending time with family doing fun activities. What can be any better?

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