Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Getting rid of that sweet smell

Tomorrow I am going to be hefting a huge bag of candy with me into work.


I'm going to "off load" my Halloween stash onto my co-workers.

We had a vendor that came by on Friday and dropped off a little black cauldron of candy.

The cauldron is sitting on the file cabinet just outside my cube.

It was full on Friday.


It's barely got anything in it.

I caught the VP digging through the dredges looking for something "good" and he walked away with a [sigh]. He couldn't find anything he wanted to indulge in.


I'm going to re-fill it in the morning.

With the stash of sweet smelling candy that's still sitting in my kitchen.

Jolly Ranchers.


Hershey bars.


Now if I left all this candy in my house?

One path would be that I'd just end up eating a bunch of it.

Another path would be that the bowl would just sit there and go bad.**

So rather than waste the money and let it sit?

I'm going to share it with the office staff.

And make sure all that sugary goodness doesn't end up on my hips and thighs.

And possibly wreck havoc on my skin.

What are YOU doing with all the extra candy from Halloween?

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