Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting in and out in a jiffy

I dropped of the kids a little later than normal this morning.

I actually have to be here at home for a couple hours to be available for a fire alarm test. ARGH!

I drove up to the school.

There was a black extended cab truck that pulled into the school driveway ahead of me.

The driver parked along the curb.

I parked along the curb a little in front of that truck.

The kids and I got out and I signed them into the before school care classroom.

I walked out back to the car.

The black truck?

The driver was standing on the curb looking into the truck.

Come on bud. Dad's got to go.

There was a boy in the cab who hadn't even gotten out of the truck yet.


The kid was holding his Dad up.

And I'd already walked to the classroom, signed my kids in, and ready to drive on out.


Kids totally have their own schedules, don't they?

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