Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We're up and then we're down

It's not what any parent wants to hear.

Let alone when you're at work.

When your cell phone is on mute from the previous night.

I got a call from my sister at 1pm that the kids' school called her & told her that my daughter had a fever.

I called the school and found out that my daughter was indeed in the nurse's office with a 101.5* fever. And she'd been in there since 11am.


She'd been in the nurse's office for two hours. TWO.HOURS.

Parenting. FAIL.

Yes. That's me!

I ended up picking up my daughter around 1:45pm.

Of course, I left my son at school. He was doing well so I wasn't going to shorten his day.

I'll be picking him up a little earlier than normal (5pm versus 6pm).

Once we got home, I dosed my girl with some Tylenol and made a little nest for her on the couch. I put a bowl next to her along with a full water bottle. Since then my daughter took about 3 catnaps as of 4:24pm. Her longest was about 35 minutes.

Right now she's playing one of her brother's games on her DS.

What's funny?

She and my son are both enthralled with one particular game right now.

A game that I actually know how to play.

What game is it you ask?

Super Mario!!!


My kids just love this game.

Both of them are still on World 1.

I'm on World 3.

Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

Needless to say, my daughter is happy as a camper without her brother looking over her shoulder as she plays. I also dislike it when people hover when I'm playing/concentrating on beating getting through a level/world.

Hopefully my girl will feel better tomorrow.

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