Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One gnarly day leading into another one

Before I left on Christmas vacation, it was super busy at work.

Well...I hate to say it but I'm still trying to catch up.

We've had a heavier workload since that initial onslaught in December. It's let up just a smidge. But I'm still super busy every day.

The last two days I've come in a little early, basically had lunch at my desk, and haven't left until an hour after my normal end-time.

What sucks is that my email still has 60+ unread/unresolved emails in it. Even though I'm getting stuff done, more emails keep coming in. ARGH!

My goal tomorrow is to go over ALL the work that my co-worker did for me while I was gone. Yes. I have to review 3 days of work. I've gotta do it while I'm doing my regular (now heavier) workload. It's gonna suck.

What's crazy is that I seem to be the only one "stuck" at my desk. I tend to stick close to my desk and just try to plow through things when it's busy. Other people still seem to be able to chit-chat aplenty even when we're super busy. Chit-chat here. Chit-chat there. It totally BUGS me!

Now do you have people you work with that chit-chat too much at work?

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