Sunday, February 20, 2011

A fun weekend for all

Sunday night and the kids are in bed.

The Hubs is home safe and sound.

The last four days have been really great.

And we're all pretty tired.

We picked up the Hubs at the airport on Wednesday night.

I have to say that it was a horrible drive in to pick him up.

When I drove home, I noted that the highway that I'd normally take to the airport was already backing up the other way.

So to combat that? I drove to another southbound highway. And I promptly got stuck in traffic. ARGH!

Thankfully, the kids and I started our drive a half hour earlier than I'd originally planned. We made it to the airport with 20 minutes to spare. Yeah!

Since the kids had the week off, they were able to spend all day Thursday with the Hubs.

They thoroughly enjoyed having him all to themselves. They didn't do much. Just hung out with their Daddy. And from what I hear it was fun for all of them because I had to go to work.

According to the Hubs, Friday's interview went as well as could be expected. He's hopeful but not expecting anything.

He's been down this road before and he's not getting himself too wrapped into the company or the job. This way he doesn't get thoroughly disappointed in the event that he doesn't get the job.

But from what I heard, he had a good vibe with everyone he spoke with. The marketing person. The finance person. The HR person.

So everything looks good, but we're now doing the waiting game. Thankfully it'll be a short wait.

We were able to be a foursome both Saturday and Sunday.

And it was glorious.

We didn't get out and do a bunch of stuff around town. We just spent time together. We walked to the grocery store. We walked to get dinner. We went and got ice cream. We even walked to the drug store to pick up my prescriptions.

Fun stuff, eh? But we were all together. And that's what matters.

So cross your fingers and toes for us. We're doing our best to stay positive.

Looking for a new job in this economy truly sucks....

But thankfully we had a wonderful weekend as a family.

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