Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My newest thing that I love

I remember when I found a skin care line that actually worked for my oily sensitive skin.

I remember when I found a foundation that didn't make my face break-out.

On Monday, I found something that I'm going to continue doing.

As a teen, I started tweezing my eyebrows.

Oh my eyebrows!

I inherited my Dad's bushy thick eyebrows.

What a mess!

As I said, I started tweezing my eyebrows when I was a teen.

In my 20's I got my eyebrows waxed every now and again. And I've continued to do this.

I would try to keep it up by tweezing when strays would pop up.

But I didn't really enjoy having to go into a salon and spending a half hour getting my brows done.

On Monday, I went into the mall to get some face cleanser and happened to see a shop that only had one client in it.

The store?

It was a place that did threading.


I'd never done that yet.


I was a threading virgin.

But I'm not a threading virgin anymore!

It took less than 10 minutes to walk in and out of the store.

The process didn't hurt one iota.

Also, my brows look so manicured.

I was a happy camper when I walked out of the place.

So I think I'll be heading into the mall JUST to get my brows threaded every 6 weeks or so.

I mean, it's only $10 to get my brows done.


That's a venti coffee and a pastry, you know?

What's a beauty item or service that you can't live without?

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