Thursday, February 24, 2011

Network needs to be firm & faster in decisions

I can't believe that it's taken THIS long for CBS to cancel Two and a Half Men.

Charlie Sheen is off his rocker.

He's been a womanizer his entire life.

He's had issues with alcohol and drugs his entire life.

I have no idea why people have supported him through all his antics.

I liked him in Platoon. Young Guns. Major League. Wall Street. Even Red Dawn!

But you see, all those movies were in his younger years when he first came out.

Even back then when he did interviews, I could still see inklings of how arrogant he could be.

Since his craziness, I pretty much boycotted anything he's been in.

I kind of did the same thing with Robert Downey, Jr.

Since he cleaned himself up, I started to watching his movies again.

And I'm so glad he climbed out of that dark place and rebuilt his life back because he's a great actor.

As my own family puts it "..he's got skills..."

But Sheen?

Oh Charlie, Charlie, my own opinion you're not in the same league. AT. ALL.

Hopefully you've put aside some money because who knows where your next pay check will come from.

And seriously?

I'm hoping nobody backs this guy up.

See him for what he is.

A spoiled man who thinks the world revolves around him and only him.

Cut the cord entertainment establishment!

No more Charlie!

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