Sunday, February 27, 2011

Warming of the heart

Nothing warms my heart more than listening to my kids when they get along.

The TV is off.

Both DS consoles are off.

All is quiet.


The kids are laying on the couch singing made up songs and giggling together.

I'm relishing in this moment.

For you see, these snippets of time often spiral downwards when one of them gets accidentally hurt.


Then it's all about frowning, snickering, horrible faces, and snappiness to each other.

There have been times when sudden flailing of hands reach a target.


In their anger, they sometimes physically retaliate against the other.

It's horrible.

It hurts my heart.

But right now?

I can only smile inside as they giggle together.

And now?

I've just given my son a little bag of ice.

To put on his knee.

He rolled off the couch and hit his knee onto some of his Bakugan toys.


But at least my daughter showed concern for her brother when he got banged.

Now THAT was a true miracle.

I am just thankful that they're getting along.


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