Monday, February 28, 2011

Sadness surrounds my heart

My husband has not heard anything.

The company he visited with the last time he was out here?

The company that was supposed to make a decision by the end of last week?

They haven't called him.

And I am sad.

My heart is broken.

My mind is filled with disappointment.

And I'm sure my husband is disappointed as well.

You see, he hasn't even called me about it.

And I know if he'd heard from them that he would have called me soon after.

So I must carry on.


I must carry on.

I must hide the disappointment from the kids.

I must hide the heaviness of my heart.

I must hide my tears within me.

For life must go forward.

We may not understand or even see the path, but God has a plan for us.

I just have to wait and live my life with patience and grace.

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