Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Snippet of happiness and awe

As I went to pick up the kids, I noted a hot air balloon high up in the sky.

I then saw another that was much lower on the horizon.

Here where I live, there are hot air balloons that float southward along the coastline each night so it wasn't an unusual sight.

What was different was how low the 2nd balloon was.

After I signed the kids out from the after-school care program, we looked westward.

The hot air balloon was even lower.

It appeared to be getting set to land.


As the kids piled into the car, my daughter made a suggestion.

We should see where it lands Mom!

And since it was so close?

I drove down a couple blocks.

And we saw it float downwards to a field below us.

There were two guys on the ground near a truck who ran towards the basket as it touched down.

They grabbed opposite sides of the basket and tried to stabilize it.

It skidded at least 15 feet on the ground before finally coming to a complete stop.

We saw touchdown.

It was a great sight.

One that the kids and I shared together.

A moment where our hearts soared as one at the amazing sight.

Just a bit of happiness that broke the sadness nestled in my soul.

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