Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March is upon us and daylight savings draws near

I am amazed that it's already March.

What I was surprised to see is that Daylight Savings is in just a couple of weeks.

This will be the FIRST time my kids will have to deal with this bi-yearly transition.

In Arizona, we didn't deal with this time change business.

This was such a blessing when the kids were little because we didn't have to adjust their naps or sleep times.

Now they're older, so the time change should not be too bad for them.

What I AM going to enjoy is that the sun will now still be up after I get off of work.

The kids and I will be able to enjoy the outside at the end of each day.



Playing football and baseball.

Just being outside.


Another benefit that I see is that I will have an opportunity to start running jogging walk/jogging before picking up the kids.

I haven't been in the groove of regular jogging since the summer.

That was MONTHS ago.

It feels like a lifetime since then.

I'm starting to gain some weight.

I see myself in the mirror and see a soft belly and growing hips. Ugh!

I can't wait to see a flat tummy.

I long to see strong calves and quads when I look down when I'm in shorts.

My mood would probably be better too once I start exercising once more.

I'm pretty sure those darn endorphins would kick me out of this dark place.

So I'm looking forward to Daylight Savings. How about you?

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