Friday, March 4, 2011

Scatterbrained & absent-minded

I remember when I was pregnant and I would forget things.

I do recall moments after I had the Bear and I was trying to also keep up with the Princess when I felt like I was in a daze.

Mommy brain?


I had it.

I'm sure you can relate.

But those were times when I was so very tired.

My mind.

My body.

But today?

I wasn't exhausted.

I just forgot.

Yesterday I looked in my dayplanner that I have stowed in my purse.

I had "3pm Dentist" scrawled in for today.


I forgot to ask for time off so I could make it to my darn appointment!

As soon as I walked into work, I went in to talk to my boss to ask if I could leave about 90 minutes earlier than usual.

She said it was okay.

I let everyone know that I'd be leaving early and made sure my back-ups were ready to help out.

I left at 2:30pm.

I arrived at my dentist at 3pm and signed in.

May (the receptionist) called me over at 3:05pm.

"Hi May!"
"I don't have you in my book for today."
"You don't?"
"No. I don't."
"I have it written in my dayplanner..."
"I was contacting your primary and secondary insurance to check on how we're going to charge your new crown and I won't hear from them for another couple of weeks."
"Oh. Okay. Well? I guess I'll do a couple errands then since I'm off work already."

Where was my mind?

Last week when I went to see my dentist, it was because there was a cancellation.

My appointment today was the original date/time that I had scheduled.

I just forgot to remove it from my dayplanner.


The good thing that happened was that I was able to leave work early and hit the grocery store and Tarjay.


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