Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sprouting like weeds

After I made some lunch today, my daughter came scampering into the kitchen.

She came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me.

Who could ignore a hug from their daughter?

Not me, of course.

I turned around and gave her a real hug.

Our arms wrapped around each other.

But as I cuddled in the kitchen with my girl, I noticed something.

The top of her head already reaches just below my mouth.

She's growing so fast!


When I notice that the kids are suddenly hitting a different  part of my body, I let them know about it and always say the same phrase.

You're growing without permission again!

They know what I mean.

That they're getting taller.

Ever so taller.

Soon enough my daughter will be taller than me.

And then my son will follow soon after.

Won't take much.

I"m only just a smidge taller than 5'2".


My kids are growing up.

I hug them every day.

I give them kisses every day.

When we walk to/from our townhouse to our car, I even get to hold their hand (if they let me).

It's not something we talk about.

I just put my hand out at an angle and whoever is walking next to me makes a choice to take my hand (or not).

More often than not, they'll take my hand.

I have to tell's awesome.

It warms my heart that my kids (who are 8 and 10) are still willing to hold my hand.

I can't stop time though.

They're growing. Every. Single. Day.

But that won't stop me from hugging them. Or holding their hands (if they'll let me).

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