Sunday, March 6, 2011

A movie I wouldn't pay to see at the theater

Time is flying by!

Unbelievably it's March.


Soon enough it'll be summer.

And with summer come a new crop of movies.

There are a couple that I'm already anticipating.

The finale for the Harry Potter series.

The latest Transformers.

Cars 2.

The next installment of X-Men.

But while there are movies that I want to see, there are some that I won't bother going to the theater for.

Spy Kids 4?

Final Destination 5?

Cowboys and Aliens?


There are movies that I do end up watching.


I do give in on some.

And right now?

I'm watching one of the movies I passed up on.


Yes, I am!

Grown Ups.

Netflix reeled me in on this one.

And I'm enjoying it.

Just what I need right now.

Childish humor to lighten my mood.

Some serious sophomoric humor.

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