Monday, March 7, 2011

One to laugh with and one to cry on

Oh my goodness, but my moods do swing.

Last night I was chuckling along with the antics of Adam Sandler and his buddies. Some that have been in many a movie with him.

Tonight I'm watching a historical account of England in The Pillars of the Earth.

I'm about 25 minutes into the first episode and I've already been a bloody snotty mess.

After giving birth, a Mom passed away.

Watching that made me break up.

It totally tugged at my heart because not only did she leave a newborn baby, she also had an almost adult son, an elementary-aged daughter, and a totally adoring husband.

I must say that this is my worst fear.

That I will not live to see my children grown.

That I will leave them while they are still young.

I know though that my Hubby and my family would take good care of my children.

I know this.

But I want to be there for them on those important moments in their life.

Sixth grade camp.

High school graduation.

College graduation.

First kiss.

First love.

First broken heart.


First child.


As you can see my moods are swinging.

They don't normally do such a switcheroo so quickly and so widely.

I'm still awaiting some progress or finalized announcement from the Hubby.

Yes. Still.

Hopefully I'll settle down into my regular mode once that happens.

I'm still praying that news will be coming to me soon.


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