Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Long time no see

Life has caught up with me.

The busy-ness of it all.

Running her and there.

More work than time available.

But I must tell you that on Saturday I did something for me.

It was a cloudy morning, so I decided to take a jog.

Remember when I used to run?

Well, I've never gotten back into the groove since moving here.

My darn acid-reflux had gotten so bad that I just couldn't run.

I couldn't. Too much acid.

And since then?

I've just been working. Working hard to bring home the bacon.

So I went out Saturday morning for an easy jog jog-walk.

I had a general idea about the distance. I ended up getting back home in 30 minutes.When I got back, I looked it up on Google Maps and it ended up being 2.6 miles.

Is that good? 2.6 miles in 30 minutes?

I have to tell you that it felt good. That way your lungs feel afterwards. The slight strain of something being worked.

I definitely stretched once I got home. I'm not as limber as I was before. That's something I have to invest some time in. Getting my flexibility back. I used to be pretty flexible and it was just so sad to see how much stiffer my body is.

I wasn't too sore on Sunday, which is a good sign for me. On Monday I felt just fine.

So tonight after I put dinner down for the kids? I ventured back out. A shorter distance this time -- only 1.9 miles. I figured it would be better so that I could get used to it again.

I must tell you though....I pretty much jogged the entire way. Yes. I did stop a couple times when I had to wait for the lights to change so I could cross safely. But I ran jogged the entire way! I am super happy!

Hopefully I'll MAKE time to do this a few days a week. I  know a lot of you are able to go out and do it. But I just find it hard to fit in while I'm doing the single parent thing. How do you single parents do it? Any advice would be great.

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