Saturday, May 14, 2011

Those moments when I just want to walk out

There are certain places where you are pretty much conditioned to behave.

You know what I'm talking about. Sitting in a church pew during a service. Visiting someone in a hospital. Working in an office.

And that's me. Working in an office. Being forced to play nice.

When things go wrong at work, I keep things to myself. When people get calls from unhappy outside callers, I try to be a filter. I console the caller. I take as much information as possible. Then I email my co-worker the message. This way the caller can vent. This way my co-worker doesn't have to speak with an unhappy caller. This way my co-worker can research the situation and have an answer before speaking with the caller. Typically, this works. But not today!

Around 8:45am, I got a call from a Lady who was a little perturbed. She asked we'd received some information she'd sent over on Tuesday. I looked into the account and confirmed that we indeed had received the documents. She then asked if the person who maintains the account, Kim, had received the documentation. I confirmed that the documents had been forwarded to Kim on Tuesday. The Lady said she was a little disappointed because she'd left Kim a couple voicemails to call to discuss the documents. I then let the Lady know that I'd leave Kim a note that she wanted a call back from Kim to discuss the paperwork. Once I got off the phone, I sent Kim an email.

Kim emailed me back within a couple minutes. Who was the caller? How did I get the call? I let her know that who the lady was. I told her that the Lady called me directly. Then I went on with my day.

Lo and behold, around 2:30pm I got a call. It was the Lady again and she wasn't happy because she hadn't gotten a call back yet. Yes. Almost six hours later it hadn't received a call back. So what to do? What to do? I sent an email to Kim's supervisor to let her know that Kim hadn't responded. The supervisor then sent out an email to Kim to make a return call. Kim then emails me and asks if I'd received another call from the Lady. I confirmed that the Lady called 10 minutes prior. Kim then stalked walked over to my desk, which is about 3 rows over from hers.

The Lady called again?
Yes. She said that she wanted to talk about some documents she sent over on Tuesday.

Then she stalked walked off.

And guess what? She ended up emailing me again to say (and I'm paraphrasing) that if someone calls for her to forward the person onto her directly. Okay fine. I will. When someone calls for Kim (especially when they're in a bad mood), I'll just transfer them onto her. I won't buffer her whatsoever anymore. You crap on me like that at work? I am no longer willing to help you in any way. NO. WAY. NO. HOW.

Dang it all. It's when people act like this that make me so mad. When people take their crappy behavior out on me. I try with all my might to maintain myself at work. When I'm in a bad mood, I try to just contain myself. Keep my yuckiness to myself. Keep things under wraps. But that's just the way I am. I don't want to spread my bad vibe to those around me. And when people spread THEIR yuckiness to me? I can get pretty ticked off. And today? I was so ticked off that I felt like crying. I equate how I feel like a volcano. I typically let my anger - my magma - simmer underneath the surface. But once too much pressure -- anger -- builds up, a slight blow escapes. And a blow for me? In the past, I've thrown a highlighter onto one of my cube walls. But today? Those angry hot tears came as I typed away on my computer. Oh how I detest crying!

What a way to end my week...

I'm just so happy it's the weekend. I've got time to spend with my kiddos. Time to be a couch potato and cuddle. But I do plan on taking a run sometime. [sigh] The weekend....I love it.

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