Sunday, May 15, 2011

Time with the kids calms me

While my kids are two people who can really drive me crazy at times, they are also a couple people who can calm my spirit.

This weekend was a key example of the power they have over me.

I had a difficult week at work and just spending quality quiet time with the kids was what I really needed.

What's funny is that my daughter was actually not home for a portion of this weekend.

Do you think that's why this weekend was so good?

After I dropped the Princess off at school Friday morning, I didn't see her again until 10am Saturday. Why? Because my daughter's class went on an overnight trip. It was a historical lesson. The kids left school around 2pm and headed over downtown to spend the night on an old sailing ship. Kind of like what you see on Master and Commander.They were served "rat soup" for dinner. They cleaned the deck with saltwater and brooms. They even were woken up in the middle of the night to stand watch. And I have to tell you that it was cold this past week. I was so glad that the Princess packed her mittens, knit cap, ski jacket with fuzzy lining, and a sweatshirt. She told me that she and the other girls slipped into their sleeping bags with their jackets, hats, and mittens on. Brrr....

What's crazy is that today, the Princess attended a swim party for one of her school buddies. Oh yeah. Around 3:30pm all the girls converged at the local Boys & Girls Club to swim. Brrr.... When I picked up the Princess at 6pm, about half the girls were still in the pool. Yes! IN. THE. POOL. AT. SIX. O'CLOCK. The Princess wa so ready to leave though because she was cold down to her bones. She had a slight blue tint around her lips! She was THAT cold!

Needless to say, the Bear and I were able to spent quiet time together. We just hung out. No errands. No chores. We just hung out. And it was so nice.

It was just what I needed. What do YOU need when you've had a rotten week?

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