Saturday, June 25, 2011

A day for 3

Today was a lovely day.

A day where the kids and I spent the entire day together.

I was able to sleep in until 8am.

The kids made themselves breakfast.

I cleaned & did laundry.

The kids straightened their rooms then folder their laundry and put it away.

The Bear and I went to the store to grab some lunch. I walked. He scootered.

The kids watched movies, read, and played on the computer.

I was able to take a 45 minute nap.

We ventured out to Barnes & Noble to get a screen film and cover.

We ended up spending about an hour inside the bookstore. Me downloading books and the kids browsing and reading some books.

We then dropped by Rubio's for some fish tacos!

We ate outside & enjoyed the setting sun.

Lovely day for the three of us.

Just what I needed.

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