Monday, June 27, 2011

A positive turn

My husband told me this morning that he received a verbal offer today.


The company is now doing a background check on him.

The Hubs decided that he will put in his notice once he clears the background check.

He doesn't want to submit his resignation until he completes the check "just in case" there's some unknown glitch.

The Hubs is just being cautious.

That's just the way he is.

I am really happy for him.

He sounded happy when he told me.

I'm hoping that this will be a turn for the positive for us. For our family. That good things will start happening.

Not to say that horrible things have been happening. But we've had a bunch of large bumps in the road this past year. It's been difficult for both the Hubs and myself.

But with all the hairpin turns that have way-laid our plans and diverted our energy? I am ever so grateful for what's most important. The kids have been growing like weeds and been so healthy (except for a few minor illnesses). We have a roof over our heads and enough food to fill our bellies. The kids have lots of new friends and love their school. We've been enjoying being around my folks, my sisters, my nephews and nieces, and the rest of the extended family. I mean, family gatherings are loads of fun for each of us.

We're surrounded by love. And that warms my heart.

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