Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kids are so strange

Why is it on school days it takes a bunch of cajoling and back rubbing and kissing before my kids roll out of bed?

Why is it on days when I would let them sleep in that they're eyeballs are wide open BEFORE the time I'd planned on waking them?

Take this morning:

My son has a DR appointment at 9:30am.
The summer program the kids are in has a scheduled field trip where they all leave the facility at 9:30am.
Needless to say, my kids aren't going to their summer program today. 
Since my son has a DR appointment, I wasn't going into work until after he's seen.
To get to work in time so that I can leave at a reasonable hour, the kids and I head out the door by 6:30am.
I wake them at 6am so they can get ready.

Today? Oh, the luxury of waking up later in the middle of the week! I woke at 5:55am rather than 5am. Woohoo!

But folks? My son was already getting out of bed as I was stretching in bed. Yes. He was already awake before 6am! ARGH!

Then my normally sleep-loving daughter just pranced her way towards me at 6:50am as I'm sitting on the computer. This girl normally rolls out of bed at 8am on the weekends. But SIX FIFTY on her own?

My crazy kids. Can't they just sleep in?

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