Thursday, June 16, 2011

Getting enough?

As parents, we all now how precious sleep can be.

Now that I'm basically running the show, I'm the all-around go-to person. I have to cook, clean, buy supplies, and do anything else that needs to be done. It's quite physically and mentally taxing. No break for the weary! So I love to grab naps on the weekends.'s lovely.

My kids? They love their sleep. Well, when they're finally asleep. Both do NOT take naps during the day. Even when we're on vacation and they stay up late and we're out and about all day. At night after they get into bed, they are typically out. O-U-T.

On school nights, the kids are in bed between 8:30pm-9pm. I wake them up between 6am-6:30am. That's about 9 1/2 to 10 hours of horizontal time. I end up having to invest a few minutes to wake them up with sweet nudges, kisses, and a soft voice. They are so cuddly and warm when I wake them, I sometimes am so tempted to just curl up beside them and fall asleep. But alas, we've got places to go!

Last night the kids went to bed like they normally do. I usually spend the rest of the night watching tv shows/movies online while I'm surfing the web. Around 10pm, I sense another presence in the room. I turn around and there's my Bear! Totally surprised me.
Me: Hey Buddy. [in whispered voice]
Bear: Hey Mom.
Me: What're you doing up?
Bear: Oh...I think I've had enough sleep.
Me: You have?
Bear: Yeah...what do you want me to do?
Me: What?
Bear: Do you want me to change or...
Me: Buddy? It's still night time. It's only 10 pm.
Bear: 10 pm?
Me: Yes. You've only been in bed about an hour.
Bear: Oh...
Me: Do you think you can get back to sleep?
Bear: I don't know...
Me: You want to sleep in Mom's bed?
Bear: Yes, I do.

So I ended up with a sleeping partner. He was out like a light once he was in my bed.

I just am so amused that he thought it was already morning. After only 1 hour of sleep! Crazy kid. He cracks me up.

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