Monday, July 11, 2011

Getting back into the groove

Y'all today was a mighty long day for me.

It was my official first day back to work after my vacation.

The last day I was at work was July 1st, so it's been a good nine days of not working.

Today was a big yucky day.

Lots to crapola to deal with.

Tomorrow I'll be reviewing the work that my counterparts did for me. I've already found errors. It's like I didn't leave them INSTRUCTIONS on what they needed to enter. [sigh]

But so goes my life. I care about putting out quality work and other people don't.

I can only relish in the moments that I had with the kids while I was out.

Their giggles as they rode carnival rides.

Their smiles as they watched the shows.

I cherish our time together.

It makes me realize that I miss working from home.

I miss being able to spend so much more time WITH them.

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