Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vacation is a time for...

...for what?

Some people fill their vacations with running about to and fro.

Other people fill their vacations with naps and rest.

I am more than halfway through my own vacation and it's been quite a mix.

I have been doing a bit of zooming from place to place, but I have been investing some down town for both the kids and myself.

A few days in Phoenix -- I drove.

Met up with my landlord & a repair guy who fixed the washer, which was leaking into the drum.

Had a swim playdate for the kids here at our complex with a couple of their school friends.

Spent about 12 hours at Seaworld.

Tomorrow will be our first day of really fully relaxing. We're not going anywhere. We don't need to meet up with anyone. Ah....

The plan is to sleep in as LONG as possible as we did quite a bit of walking at the park today. Have a leisurely breakfast. Hit the pool (just me and the kids). Bum around the rest of the afternoon. Take a nap. And possibly go to the grocery store.

Hopefully my son will sleep in as he is a major early bird. I'm crossing my fingers that he'll stay in bed to at least 7:30am. Please. Please. PLEASE! I know my girl will not voluntarily open her eyes before 8am. I'm guessing she'll roll out of bed around 9am when she gets hungry.

As for me? I'm hoping to sleep until at least 7am. Right now it's just after midnight, so I'd better hit the sack. I'm pretty exhausted from our full day of sun along with the continual walking/standing. Thank goodness my back doesn't hurt after being up so long today. My bedroom is calling to me....and I must listen. With my luck? My son will be ready for the day at 6am!

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