Monday, August 1, 2011

It's officially football season!

Today my son started his first season in football.

Tackle football.

Yes, we skipped flag football all together. Last year when I had planned to get him started, we moved and then it was too late to get him signed up. [sigh]

So after much anticipation, he started practice today.

It's conditioning week. The coaches are just putting the boys through drills and checking out their skills. Loads of running, bear crawls, up-and-downs, side-to-sides, push-ups...the regular PT that goes along football. They're not wearing their shoulder pads or lower body pads this week. That'll happen NEXT week when they start tackling each other.

After practice, my son was all sweaty. But grinning from ear to ear. He didn't do anything half-assed. He put in his all for each of the coaches.
Me: So how did you like it Bud?
Bear: It was fun Mom!
Yeah...I wonder how long it'll feel like fun. I'll have to see what he says next Tuesday morning after his first practice with full gear and tackling.

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