Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

The kids and I went to the Fair today! While it's officially the San Diego Fair now but it'll always be the Del Mar Fair to me.

Right now I'm sporting a little sunburn on my chest. I was wearing a low crew-neck shirt and I've got a definite red outline of how my shirt fit on me. While I put sunscreen on my legs and my arms, I totally forgot to spray my neck/chest. I check the kids to be sure they've sprayed properly but me? I tend to forget myself. Ay-yay-yay!

We ended up having a great day. That is AFTER my daughter shifted from her surly mood. I have no idea why she was snippety but she just was. [sigh] I just have to get past those moods and she ends up being nice. Thank goodness she finally shook the yuckiness and had fun.

The kids rode a couple rides. We played games and they won stuff. And we ate.

We hit the community pool afterwards to cool off. A lot of other parents had the same idea because the pool was filled with kids.

With all the walking and swimming, the kids hit the sheets with no complaints. I'm sure they'll sleep heavy tonight. I know that I will be.

What's in store tomorrow? Both kids have playdates with their best buds. it's definitely summer!

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