Sunday, July 1, 2012

50 Things I Know How to Do

I had nothing for you today but I saw 50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do on
someone else's site and thought I'd jump on the bandwagon.

1.  Build a Fire
2.  Operate a Computer - Most definitely!
3.  Use Google Effectively - I search for stuff ALL.THE.TIME.
4.  Perform CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver - sadly I don't know how to do either proficiently
5.  Drive a Manual Transmission Vehicle - My husband tried to teach me and it lasted 2 lessons

6.  Do Basic Cooking - Yes!
7.  Tell a Story that Captivates People’s Attention - I'm a behind the scenes person so I don't like to be the in limelight
8.  Win or Avoid a Fistfight - I may only be 5'2" but I can actually hold my own in a fight.
9.  Deliver Bad News - Unfortunately I've been the bearer of bad news
10.  Change a Tire - A couple of my male co-workers had me do this while I was actually wearing a skirt & heels while they coached me
11.  Handle a Job Interview - I'm pretty sure I've got this down but it depends on my nervousness
12.  Manage Time - As I sit down at my desk every workday and read my emails, I mentally block out time to do what's initially on my plate. Then the jockeying for time happens for the rest of the day.
13.  Speed Read - I wish I'd taken a course on this when I was in high school!
14.  Remember Names - I am HORRIBLE at remembering names.
15.  Relocate Living Spaces - In one 2 year period, I lived in FOUR different places.
16.  Travel Light - See item #15. I can travel light but oftentimes don't. He-he-he!
17.  Handle the Police - I am always polite to police officers.
18.  Give Driving Directions - I give precise directions
19.  Perform Basic First Aid
20.  Swim - I took lessons when I was 29 but still haven't mastered this. I so hate this fact.
21.  Parallel Park - In the last two years I've got this one down -- if it's a large enough space
22.  Recognize Personal Alcohol Limits - I figured this one out in my early 20's
23.  Select Good Produce - My Mom showed me how to do this when I was young
24.  Handle a Hammer, Axe or Handsaw - I can definitely use a hammer without jacking up my fingers and use a handsaw to cut branches.
25.  Make a Simple Budget - Yes I can!
26.  Speak at Least Two Common Languages - Nope. I didn't continue w/ Spanish after I finished my 2 year requirement in high school.
27.  Do Push-Ups and Sit-Ups Properly - Yes I can!
28.  Give a Compliment - I throw out compliments where praise is deserved.
29.  Negotiate - I've bought 3 cars on my own so I believe I can negotiate
30.  Listen Carefully to Others - I'd rather listen to others than talk. I learn a lot.
31.  Recite Basic Geography - I used to look at maps a lot when I was a kid, so I do know where things are located
32.  Paint a Room - I did this for each of my kids
33.  Make a Short, Informative Public Speech - I may not like to do it but I can speak in public :)
34.  Smile for the Camera - I always smile!
35.  Flirt Without Looking Ridiculous - I may be married but it's always fun to flirt!
36. Take Useful Notes - I take notes every day
37.  Be a Respectful House Guest - I try to keep my stuff contained and make as little mess as possible
38.  Make a Good First Impression - My technique in the workplace is to dress like I'm at the next level up
39.  Navigate with a Map and Compass - My 6th grade teacher taught me how to do this on a camping trip in the desert.
40.  Sew a Button onto Clothing - My Nana showed me how to do this when I was 6 or 7.
41.  Hook Up a Basic Home Theater System - I'm the technical person (not my husband) in my house. Yes I am! He has no idea which wire goes where.
42.  Type - I actually learned how to type on a manual typewritter in high school. I even know how to use a 10-key.
43.  Protect Personal Identity Information - Shredders are a girl's best friend
44.  Implement Basic Computer Security Best Practices - I've got TONS of passwords. At work there are at least a dozen that I have to change and remember, so I definitely have this down.
45.  Detect a Lie - Oh yeah, my radar is always up for this
46.  End a Date Politely Without Making Promises - I don't feel guilty when I know things won't work out
47.  Remove a Stain - Scrub, scrub, scrub!
48.  Keep a Clean House - I can do this if my kids don't thwart my efforts!
49.  Hold a Baby - I've got to 2 kids, 2 nephews, and 5 nieces so I better know how to!
50.  Jump Start a Car - Sadly because I've had more than a couple dead batteries. But I know how to jump my car!

Now how many of these items do YOU know how to do?

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