Sunday, June 24, 2012

Still on the injured list

But it hasn't stopped me from getting out there.

I've been walking instead of jogging.

And it's been good.

I can still see the benefits through my effort.

When I flex my thighs, I can see the muscles.

When I tense up my calves, I can see some muscle.

I've been trying to keep my portions smaller as well, so I think that's helping a little bit. But BOY do I love to eat! 

It's a verify satisfying feeling.

Even the Princess noticed the other day.

I was picking up the kids and I kneeled down to pick up my niece.
Mom, look at the muscles in your legs!
And not only did she say that? She said it all surprised and stuff. [chuckling] Didn't she realize that's why I was walking 3 times a week?

Like I mentioned, now that summer is here the sun is coming out earlier and I'm taking advantage of it. Two workdays out of five, I'll wake up around 5:15 to get out there and walk about 30 minutes. On the weekends, I've been taking a little longer to walk.

I wish my leg would feel 100% so I could jog and get more miles under my belt. But it's good to at least be out there! Right?

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