Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ready to go take a jump

Swimsuit season is almost upon us.

Right now where we live, it's still a little cool to spend some time next to the pool.

Where we're moving to in a few weeks, it's well over 100 degrees. EEK!

While my son has a couple trunks that still fit him, since he's been stretching out this year.

But it's another story with my daughter.  She says those darn 10 slim tankinis I bought last year are too tight.
Mom, I feel like it's squeezing my bottom like a sausage!
Really daughter? Like a sausage?

Like I mentioned before, she is super slender so she's always worn SLIM clothes. She cannot wear regular bottoms. Even if it has the adjustable waist. There's just way too much excess material.
Normally I'd just order a couple tankinis online. But not this year.  Why? Because she told me she wanted to have a bikini. BIKINI!

Since my son was spending the afternoon with a friend, I decided to venture out shopping with my girl. She was ecstatic to hear that we were going to go swimsuit shopping. Yes she was!

We went to the swimsuit section and the store had NO slim sized suits. So what to do? What to do? I told her to grab some regular size suits but a couple sizes smaller than what she'd wear in slims. She now wears 12 Slim. She grabbed a couple suits in a large (10-12) and a medium (7-8).

Guess what fit her?

The mediums. Size 7-8. Seriously. She did a "fashion show" when we got home and the suits did fit around her top and around her bottom. Can you believe it?

She had a good time trying on suits. I think she'll always remember when she bought her first bikini. I'm glad she has a good memory to file away in her brain.

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