Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Low blood sugar

I know my kids pretty well. They can be as sweet aspire. But that an be nasty little brats as well.

One thing that makes them into a pile of messy emotions is when they didn't eat every couple hours. My kids grew up eating breakfast, a morning sack, lunch, an afternoon snack, and dinner. During the school week, they stay true to their eating s heddle. On weekends...not so much. Them being 10 and 12, I would think they'd know they still those two little snacks. But alas...they forget.

And when they forget? I have to deal with unreasonable and stubborn children. Which I detest on all levels. Because I am the parent, I ave to stay calm. No matter how much I want to grab them and shake some sense into them. [sigh]

So around 10 and 3 on the weekends, you'll likely hear me repeat about 5 times.
Go grab a snack!
Get a banana!
We've got string cheese!
I washed some grapes!

Just my way of trying to avoid the inevitable meltdown...

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