Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Taking care a physical issue

We all know that our bodies change through the years.
Our bodies grow like crazy those first few years of life.
Then we hit puberty and we all shoot up.
Women's bodies change when we have kids.
Then there's what happens as we get even older.

My monthly cycle has always been regular.
It's actually always been heavy, especially the first full day.
But these past couple years? It's gotten even heavier.
Seriously heavy.
I don't sleep well those first couple of nights.
Thankfully I work from home now because my first day, I'm visiting the bathroom every 60-90 minutes.
That's right. Or else I leak. Sorry about that you sensitive readers!
I stay close to home those first couple of days. It sucks.
I've been using a Diva Cup for the last year and I can't believe how much my uterus releases each month.
So I would estimate almost 8 ounces each cycle.
CRAZY, right?
So I'm going in for an ablation tomorrow.
I am super excited about it.
What a funny thing to be excited about.
My OB is going to scrape out as much lining that's built up since my last period.
And then she's going to "burn" the lining. 
If my cycle had a 50% reduction, I'd be happy.
Some women basically have no period after the procedure!
Now THAT would be exciting.
I'm on some meds right now to soften my cervix.
I'll have to take another pill tomorrow morning.
What is horrible is that I have to fast for 8 hours prior to the procedure and I'm not supposed to drink anything for that timeframe too.
Also, the procedure isn't until 12pm!
So I'll be drugged up/loopy and hungry.
I'm going to bed in a couple minutes and then wake up around 3am to eat something and to drink the last bit of fluids until the procedure.
If you're so inclined, please send me some positive vibes tomorrow.
It's an in-office procedure, but good thoughts are always appreciated.

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