Sunday, April 28, 2013

No cooking tonight

I didn't feel like cooking tonight. So I asked the household what they wanted for dinner. Both the kids said "whatever. I don't have a preference." My husband chimed in with "Pei Wei" so that is where we need up. My son got lemon chicken. My daughter got some spicy dish. My husband got the spicy chicken combo with an egg roll. I got chicken lo main with hot and sour soup.
Let me say that the lo Marin was good. The soup...not so much. Too much chicken in it and not enough tofu. I did comment to my husband that I was surprised that he ordered an egg roll. He looked at me blankly. I told him that whenever we visit my family there is normally a gathering. And at the gathering someone inevitably brings lumpia, which is Filipino egg rolls. And he doesn't ever eat those. So I explained myself and shrugged. And moved onto another topic. But isn't that weird? Kind of like his cousin. my MIL announced dinner was ready. his cousin asked what was for dinner. my MIL said pasta. his cousin asked what shape is it? Like the shape of the noodle would have ANY bearing on how the meal tasted. Ha!

Anyway, after dinner I had a hankering for something sweet. I looked at the husband and said I wanted ice cream. So we drive to the other side of that little mall and stopped at Cold Stone. Oh yeah! The kids both got mint ice cream. My son got gummy bears mixed in, while my daughter selected brownies. I opted for butter lean ice cream with pecans mixed in. Yes, it was redundant but it was yummy. We each couldn't finish our portion, so we each still have some yummy goodness waiting for us tomorrow --or should I say today! I didn't realize the time! But now that summer weather has basically hit AZ, then it's time once again to make ice cream a part of our routine.

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