Thursday, June 13, 2013

My latest small pleasure

For the people who know me in real life, they know that I'm a simple person. I take pleasure in some of the most tiniest things. The smell of newly dried white towels that I've used bleach on. The feel of fresh linens on my bed. The satisfaction of a "full" refrigerator and pantry.

I recently purchased a new (to me) Prius. Yes. A Prius! I'm not out to save the environment. I'm out to save my pocket book. My station wagon averaged about 18 mpg. Sad, but true. But that darn thing was useful when the kids were small and we had to haul loads of stuff during our travels to visit my family. I would have to start the journey with at least a 3/4 tank, then fill up at the midway point, and then again when I got to our destination. No fun, especially when California prices were around $4.50. When I lived there, I was filling up every week at paying up to $65 for a fill. Outrageous, no?

The jump into my Prius has made me insanely happy. I think what's made me happy is the Power Mode, which gives me a boost when I'm trying to pass someone or to get on the freeway at a good clip. I just spoke with someone who has a 2008 Prius, which doesn't have the Power Mode, and they want to trade-up to a more current model to get the extra boost. Anyway, I think what's made me especially happy is the 45mpg that I found that I'm getting so far. Folks, I haven't had to refill my car yet and I've had it almost 3 weeks! This is also a much smaller car, so I'm liking that quite a bit.

But what has made me really happy today about my car? I found floor mats that I really like. Floor mats you say? Yes! That's what I said. Mine didn't come with any when I bought it. So right now? I still have the darn paper on the floor where I sit. I put old beach towels in the back where the kids sit. While I got the white exterior I always wanted, I wasn't able to find one with DARK grey/black interior. I've ended up with light grey interior. And the floor mats I found and bought? They are the right shade of light grey to mach. What's even better? Is that these mats are "custom" fit to my Prius! There will be no slip-sliding around with these things. And the 2nd row mats go all the way across the carpet area in one long piece. Even the "bump" is covered!

Now all I need is to "name" my new car....

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