Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Soon it'll be every month on the dot

Tomorrow starts another journey for our little family. Actually, it'll be an adventure for my daughter that I'm just going to have to be a part of.

In the morning my daughter will get some teeth removed. Why you ask? She is scheduled to get some metal put in next Wednesday.

Oh yeah! Another pre-teen getting orthodontic work done. She'll be part of the "crew" that has metal in her mouth.

I have to tell you that I'm glad that she's getting it done. Her teeth have been crooked - crooked - crooked for ages! Her top two teeth actually make an inward v instead of lying flat in the front there. And there are so many teeth on the bottom that it looks flat and then goes back - in a rectangular manner. It'll be good to get those two major items fixed. Of course, there are other minor aesthetic issues that'll be corrected. But MAN, it'll be good to get it started.

She was a bit nervous when I announced to her after lunch that she was scheduled to go to the dentist to get some teeth pulled. We'd just gone there on Friday for their cleaning. No cavities! Woohoo! Who knows how it'll go once the metal is in her mouth though.

Any Moms out there have any advice on how to help a teen keep their teeth clean while wearing braces? Electronic brush? Water pik? Any advice would be appreciated!

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