Thursday, September 16, 2004

Amazing Race 5 update

Now are you convinced he's a jerk?

"My ox is broken!"
"Oh my God...I hate you!"

Don't these quotes sound like they're coming from a spoiled brat? When things don't go his "golden boy" ways he just gets pissed off.

I can't believe he was shocked that Chip&Kim yielded them. It's only 5 minutes guys! Colin&Christie would gloat when they are so far ahead. They can't deal with a 5 minute delay? Remember when C&C got that earlier flight that would get them into Manila that evening? Colin said, "We'll be finished with our leg before they even land!"

I hope that Chip&Kim have eyes behind their heads now since C&C weren't eliminated. I wonder how uncomfortable that pitstop was for all the teams, eh? I wonder if it comes out that Nic&Brandon also wanted to yield C&C?

But let me just say how proud I was of the Bowling Moms. They definitely worked it this leg. Putting those decorative features on the car was like nothing to them! Woohoo! They've got great attitudes and I hope they win!

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