Friday, September 17, 2004

Some Friday stuff...

I had my first parent-teacher conference this morning at 8:30am (before class started at 9am). Miss Becky wants to make one-on-one time with the parent(s) of each child since there have been so many changes these last couple of weeks. I explained to her how the Princess goes about things. She doesn't barrel in on the other kids. She'll sit quietly and observe and then chime in when she feels comfortable. Miss Becky confirmed my assessment of the Princess. She said that the Princess is laid back and very thoughtful and "a pleasure to have in the classroom."

My warm-fuzzy feelings about Miss Becky were right on! She's a very nice lady and I think she's already made a huge improvement in the class. She made a lounging area for when the kids "read" books - she got a couple pillows, bean bag chairs, & one of those small sofas (you like from Target). She's put up lots of their art pieces all over the place. It's the same room but it feels different.

The Bear attended his first Movers & Shakers class this morning. We missed the first class last week because the Princess was ill, so I was anxious to get to class. The class is through the Parks & Recs department so I wasn't sure how many other kids would be signed up. Turns out there are about twenty kids - all between 18 to 24 months. Fortunately, it was held in the gymnastics room of one of the park facilities.

The three instructors did a couple of group activities. They did a couple songs in the beginning. They did some mat work - they did different movements across the gymnastics floor area. They had the kids walk across a couple balance beams. They had an open play time. They had parachute time. Then finished up with bubble time.

The Bear had a blast running full tilt across the gymnastics floor area. He practically kept up with the teacher! He really excelled at walking across the balance beam. He showed no hesitation. The instructor asked me if he'd done it before and when I replied "no" she said that "he's a natural!" During the open play time, the Bear showed off his throwing ability. He also displayed his passion for collecting balls! Oy! Then he rode inside the parachute like a champ. By bubble time, he was tuckered out!

As for me? I've just finished "Red Rabbit" by Tom Clancy. Another installment of the exploits of Jack Ryan. This was the one serious book I checked out this last visit to the library. I'm going to have to get out there again tomorrow as I've finished the books I want to read. Now when you check out books from the library, do you read them all? Do you sometimes find that a book isn't exactly what you want once you start it? Do you continue to plow through it? or do you close it up and return it unread? Sometimes I can't get into the characters. Sometimes the style of the writing doesn't grab me. Sometimes it's the general storyline that I don't enjoy. Of the six books I checked out this last time, I'm returning two unread.

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