Sunday, September 19, 2004

And the rain rain rain came down down down

Yes, I took a few minutes to change the look. Not too different but a change. I'm one who likes to move things about every once and a while, so it was time for my blog to get updated.

As I sit here the rain is falling from the sky. I hear the soft pitter-pat as the drops hit the roof and the windows. I can tell when the wind gusts a bit as the rain gets harder for several seconds and then drops off to its normal lull. I can also hear the water running off the roof. It's a louder crashing sound against the rocks below. I hear the distant thunder rolling. I like it much better that way. Not 20 mintues ago there were loud claps of thunder as the lightening hit close to the townhouse. You can tell the sound will come crashing when you see the brightness of the lightening through the windows.

As the storm rolls on outside, the Bear is passed out in the middle of my bed. Quite an anomaly. He's always slept in his crib but not this afternoon. As I put him down for the 3rd try today, the storm started. He was frightened by the loud rolling thunder. He cried so loud that I knew I had to hold him until he succumbed to sleep. He was so tired that he was beside himself. I picked him up and sat in the glider. I held his head close to my chest and wrapped his blanket around him. He reached up and twisted my hair between his fingers as I rubbed his little head with my index finger. He finally let go not 5 minutes after I picked him up. It took some maneuvering but I managed to lie down on my bed and extricate myself from his sleeping grasp. Now he's motionless and slumbering -- so tired!

Sometime last night we experienced another storm. I awoke when I heard the thunder. I knew that the thunder would only get louder as I noticed the rain becoming more intense. I knew the Princess would wake up, so I rolled out of bed and made my way to her room. A loud clap of thunder hit as I walked through the house. When I reached her bed, she was sitting up rubbing her eyes. I reached into her closet and grabbed a blanket and lay beside her. No words were spoken. I cuddled up beside her as we listened to the rain come in waves as the thunder continued to pound around us. She finally fell asleep about 30 minutes later.

Now what do you do when it's storming outside? Do your kids wake up? Do they come and sleep in your bed? or do you go to them?

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