Thursday, February 10, 2005


You might recall my happy dance a couple days ago about my son being pacifier free? Read that blurb here

Let me say it's been a trying couple of days since that bit of dancing. Wednesday morning and today, my son decided to wake up before the sun came up. Can you say 5:15am? Yes! That kid was awake both mornings by that time. Thankfully, my hubby is awake by 5am and getting ready for work. Yesterday morning, he plopped the Bear into bed with me in the hopes that the kid would fall back asleep. He DID NOT. This morning, my hubby tried holding my son to help him go back to sleep. He did. My hubby put the Bear back into his crib by 5:30am. The kid was complaining again at 5:45am. So, he wound up in bed with me. Both mornings the Bear has been happy to just lay there next to me. Playing with my hair. Twist. Twist. Twist.

What's been an irritation though? My son did not take a nap yesterday. I tried putting him down twice. I knew he was sleepy too. He almost fell asleep when we went to pick up the Princess from preschool at 1pm. We got home. I changed his diaper. Put him in his crib. He whined. Then he threw his crib friends out. How'd I know? I heard the metal blinds rattling. Yes! My son threw his sleeping buddies out of his crib towards the metal mini-blinds. After about 20 minutes, I went in there. He'd also thrown his two blankets out. He was alone in his crib. Crying. Well, I took him out. Relaxed with him on the couch. I put on a short video (45 minutes) in the hops that he'd wind down enough so he could nap after it finished. I put him in his crib. I walked out. He whined. He threw his friends out. He cried. Oy! It was a mess.

Right now? My son? He's down for a nap. He's been down for about an hour now. I guess waking up early for 2 days. AND not napping yesterday has caught up with him. He only half-heartedly complained when I put him down in his crib right after lunch. He ate a BIG lunch. THREE pieces of pizza. A 1/2 cup portion of strawberries. And about 5 tortilla chips. He was full. So hopefully he'll have a LONG nap. And hopefully that'll get him back into his regular sleeping groove.

[crossing my fingers].....[crossing my toes]

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