Friday, February 11, 2005


My daughter had a bout of hiccups this evening. It started just before we got the kiddos ready for bed. She hiccuped through brushing her teeth. She hiccuped through her bath. She hiccuped while getting her jammies on. She hiccuped through my reading her bedtime story. She hiccuped through her prayers. I left her to take a quick shower. Once I was in my jammies, I went to check on her. Can you believe it? She was still awake 20 minutes after I'd left her.

Princess: Mommy?

Me: Yes honey? [as I walk into her bedroom]

Princess: I've still got the hiccups.

Me: Okay. They'll go away once you fall asleep. Why don't you lay on your side? [as I lay down next to her]

She tried to get comfortable. About 5 minutes later she was snoring. Her hiccups gone.

As I lay there listening to her breathe, I recalled how she used to hiccup in-utero. She was one of those babies who'd get hiccup spells almost every day. Sometimes the hiccups would last a good 10 minutes or so. My husband and I used to laugh when we'd watch my belly move when she'd have one of these long spells. I knew that once she was born she would continue to hiccup. And she did. But what's funny is that she was never phased by her little spells. She'd been doing it inside me, so they didn't bother her. Now? She rarely hiccups. She's such a big girl now.

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