Saturday, February 12, 2005

House update

We dropped by the house this afternoon and it now is looking like a HOUSE inside.

The last time we saw it, they had just put up the drywall and were mudding up the seams.

Today? They've got the walls all textured. They've got the baseboards in. They've installed the door frames. They've put the shelves and hooks in for the bars inside the closets & the pantry. They've put the front, rear, and interior garage doors up. They've covered the garage floors with paper. They've taped up some plastic film over all the inside of the windows. It looks like they're ready to paint! AH!

I'm thinking we'll be closing that week before Easter. I'm hoping we'll close sooner than that.

But I can't believe how much progress they've made since we last visited the house! Yeah!

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