Monday, June 6, 2005

Ch-changes update

You all know that updates are happening at my parents' house.

Got a call from LilSis. She told me that a crew is there prepping the cabinets for the refacing. She said they told her it might take until Thursday to finish up the job. Sounds like a long time, but there ARE a bunch of cabinets that'll be updated. The master bath (double vanity), the hall bath (double vanity), the powder room, and the kitchen.

LilSis mentioned that there's a bunch of new lighting fixtures that were put up on Saturday! I didn't think those would be switched out already. There's a new breakfast nook light along with a pendant light over the sink area. The staircase, the entry, and the dining room all have matching light fixtures (it's one open space). There's even a new sconce in the dark corner of the living room. The powder room fixture is also in. I'm very impressed that those were put in already.

Next weekend they'll be attacking the popcorn ceiling. LilSis has decided to repaint the hall bath (the one she uses) this week. It's currently lavender. She thinks that the lavender won't go well with the white cabinets and the Sandstone corian. I think it will but she says she's going to put up a more "neutral" color. I guess she's thinking of the resale already. Good for her!

She's going to be sending me photos. I'm so excited to "see" the changes! I'm sure my father will be SO surpriesd at the changes when he comes home next Friday (he's been gone for the last 3 months). Hopefully, everything (except the flooring) should be completed by then.

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