Sunday, June 5, 2005

Heard here & there...

The Hubs was looking for something in the moving boxes in our bedroom.

Me: "Sweetie, those are my boxes. Yours are on the right."

Princess: "Yeah, Daddy. On the right. You know where your right is."

My allergies have subsided quite a bit since the yellow flowers have dropped from the trees, but I do still sneeze a couple times a day.

Me: [sneeze-sneeze-sneeze]

Bear: "Bess you!"

Me: "Thank you very much!"

About 15 minutes later.

Bear: [sneeze]

Me: "Bless you, buddy."

Bear: "Fank You. Much."

Can you believe he was copying me?

Troy the neighbor boy just hit a golf ball with one of his Dad's old golf clubs. It flew into the landscaping across the cul-de-sac.

Bear: "Yeah! Yeah!" [clapping his hands above his head]

My little guy was cheering for Troy. You would have thought the Bear was at a football game.

Since I got the movie out of a storage box a couple weeks ago, we've had the privilege to watch "The Toy Story" every morning. This is what I hear every morning.

Bear: "Toy. Toy."

Me: "Yes Bear?"

Bear: "Toy. Watch."


The Hubs was out-of-town since early Friday morning. He came back last night with this little story.

There he was driving in the right lane southbound on the two-lane highway. He could only drive 65mph because he got a flat in the back left passenger tire. He was driving on a donut. Why was he driving on a donut? Because by the time a roadside assistance guy got to him, it was just as all the tire shops were closing. So he drove the 100 miles home on the donut. At 65mph.

About 50 miles from home, there's a highway patrolman in the left lane. The highway patrolman is going the same speed as the Hubs. The highway patrolman signals to get into the right lane. The car behind my husband slows to allow the patrolman between. The lights turn on the patrolcar.

HP: "License & registration please."

[Hubs hands over the paperwork]

HP: "Sir, do you know why I stopped you?"

Hubs: "No. I don't."

HP: "Sir, do you realize you were only going 65 mph?"

Hubs: "Yes, I did."

HP: "Sir, why were you going 65 mph?"

Hubs: "I'm driving on a donut on the back passenger side. The manual says to drive around 60mph."

[HP steps back and takes a look at the donut]

HP: "Hmmm...okay. Well be careful. At 65mph you're going to get over out here."

Can you believe it? The HP stopped my husband because he was going too slow! Don't forget that my Hubs got pulled over last Friday because he was going too fast!

Last night a few of us adults gathered on the driveway of one of the homes in the cul-de-sac.

Patty: "I'm going to need to have a yard sale. I've unpacked stuff that we just don't need anymore."

Me: "You too? I've got stuff I need to get rid of also."

Patty: "I think Linda has stuff that she wants to sell too."

Me: "I remember her saying that. I think she wants to wait until the other houses** are finished."

Patty: "I wonder how long that'll take."

Me: "I'm thinking by the end of August or early September they should be done."

Patty: "By then it'll be cooler. That would be a good idea. A neighborhood yard sale. That'll definitely increase sales. Then we could pitch in any proceeds to a end-of-summer block party!"

Rob: [Just walking up] "What're you guys talking about?"

Patty: "Oh, we're thinking about having a neighborhood yard sale in September."

Rob: "You all have stuff to get rid of too? Man. There's nothing like moving from temporary housing## that gets you thinking about stuff you don't need."

Patty: "It's true!"

Rob: "The only problem is....I don't know if I can wait until September!"

** There are 6 houses that still need to be completed in our section. Think about a capital "T". There are 3 houses on the vertical just below the cross-line (just on the one side of the street). On the right part of the cross-line there's one house. Then there's our house next to that house. Then to the other side of us there are two more unfinished houses.

## Patty, Rob, Linda, and my family all lived in temporary (read that as much smaller than normal) housing until our homes were completed. We all that the majority of our stuff in storage for more than 3 months.

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