Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bah Humbug!

Here's what was published by the homeowners association located adjacent to my community:

Canned Food Drive

The CRCA is sponsoring a canned food drive to help those less fortunate this holiday season and throughout the year.

Show your generous spirit and bring a few non-perishable food items into the Windmill Office starting now through January 23rd.

A bunch of folks donated food over the weekend.

Unfortunately, the food that was donated (about $1000 worth) over the weekend was stolen.

You read that right. The food that doanted to help less-fortunate families this holiday season was STOLEN.

Unbelievable. The Hubs and I were shaking our heads over this one. We can't understand how people can be so horrible. Where are their morals? How low can people be? Apparently VERY low. Ugh.

What's the craziest bit of behavior that has been displayed so far in your local community?

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