Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Crossing my fingers & hoping it gets done

This morning?

I went to the laundromat.

I went to a different laundromat than I went to last week.

Today's laundromat? NOT so cramped.

When I went in there? There was one gal and her 3 year old daughter.

I was able to overtake an aisle of top-loading machines. 5 machines on my left. 5 machines on my right. I ended up using seven machines. SEVEN. MACHINES. How much laundry did I have, eh?

It was SO much CLEANER! What's interesting is that when I was there waiting for my wash, a guy came in and was checking the machines. He looked into each washer that wasn't being used to make sure they were empty. He looked into each dryer to make sure they were empty. Then he checked the bathroom and cleaned it. Then he started to sanitize the washers that weren't in use. YES! He was starting the machines and putting in what I believe was bleach into them. Once the cycles were done? He wiped the inside -- each cylinder drum.

But I must say...even though I had a whole SLEW of laundry to get done? It was SO nice to get so machines started all about the same time. And transferring to the driers was easy-peasy. There were at least 6 of those rolling laundry things in the place.


The laundry got washed.

The laundry got dry.

The laundry got folded.

The laundry got put away.

All in all? It took me 2 1/2 hours round-trip to get it all done.



Did you know that I got an automated call at 7:40pm? Right when I was putting the kids to bed?

Was I pissed that I got a call at that time?

Not really. Why?

BECAUSE it was a call from GE saying that I was schedule for a repair tomorrow between 8am and noon. YES!

Around 11:45am today, I heard a truck stop in front of my house. I peeked out (as our office is at the front of the house next to the front door). FED-EX!

I ran around to the garage and opened it. I ran outside and met the delivery guy on the driveway.
Me: Could you please place that box right here in the garage?
Delivery Guy: Oh. No problem.
Me: Great!
Delivery Guy: I've got another box for you.
Me: Another one?
Delivery Guy: Yes. It's about the same size as the other one.
So the parts that the service guys need arrived. They just ordered the parts on Monday around 11am. And the parts arrived TWO days later? Amazing! So I called GE and let them know that the parts arrived.

And now? The service guys are coming back here tomorrow.

I wonder if they'll remember that I won't be home until 8:15am?

I'm just hoping that by lunchtime tomorrow that my washer will be back in my laundry room and working properly. Oh....I'm crossing my fingers and toes on this one.

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