Thursday, March 5, 2009

Drill baby! Drill! [updated]

Yesterday morning when I was drinking my coffee, I noticed that I was having some shooting pain in my mouth. Not a constant pain. Just a shooting pain as I drank my hot coffee.

Then when I was eating dinner, I had some ice cold water. I again felt some shooting pain.

NOT a good sign.

This morning as I drank my hot coffee, I again felt some pain.

I called my dentist.

They were able to get me in at 11am.

Diagnosis? I had a hairline fracture in the structure of my tooth. When I was drinking the hot and the cold beverages, the liquid was seeping through the crack and making my nerve sensitive.

Solution? Get a crown.

Putting a crown in takes two appointments. At the first appointment, they get an impression of the tooth. They then clean up the tooth area (aka drill around). They make a temporary tooth. Then they send you on your way for about 2 weeks. During those two weeks, a porcelain crown is made out of the impression they took of the tooth. At the second appointment, they put the permanent porcelain crown in.

So when is my first appointment to get my tooth cleaned up and get a temporary tooth?


I already had it.

That's right folks. The dentist had a gap between appointments and was able to get my first appointment all done. Slam. Bam. Thank you kind sir!

I'm sitting here at home and it's now 12:21pm.

Yes. I'm already home. With my temporary crown. My appointment to get checked out was at 11am. HA!

My dentist is freaking AWESOME!

And now? I wait for my repair guys to arrive. Yes. The repair guys did NOT make the 8am-noon timeframe that I got a message for last night. The initial repair guy called me at 7:40 this morning to let me know that the local dispatch office already had him and the 2nd guy scheduled for morning appointments. That they would be out sometime this afternoon. [sigh]

Can you see now why I was crossing my fingers and toes?


It's 3:50pm.



My washer is now fixed and in my laundry room!

[dancing happily]

The service guys showed up at 1:30pm.

I had to leave at 2:30pm to pick up the kidlings from school. It's their "short" day.

By the time I got back a little after 3? My machine was all put back together.


On a sidenote...I took the time to help the service guys today.

The first guy who came to fix the machine 2 weeks ago? Well, he locked his keys in the ignition of his service van. It was one of those regular sized vans but it had a separator that kept the equipment in back contained and divided from the front. So the 2nd service guy was trying to open the passenger door by fitting his arm along the right of the passenger seat. He was trying to use a flat-head screwdriver to flick the handle open.
Me: What're you using to jimmy the door open?
Service Guy 2: Just this.
He held up a flathead screwdriver. I had to think to myself, what would I use? I walked back into my garage and spotted JUST the thing. Our fireplace utensils. I grabbed the one that had a straight poker along with a hook on it. I walked up to the van.
Me: Do you think this'll work better? You can pull or push the handle with this, right?
Service Guy 2: Ahhh! THIS is what I need!
Service Guy 2 opens the door within seconds. Yeah!

I walked over to the laundry room as they were getting the washer back into place. I could tell that there was some issue. Service Guy 2 was on his cell phone, while I glanced over at Service Guy 1.
Service Guy 1: Today isn't my day.
Me: Why? What happened?
Service Guy 2: When I locked the keys in the ignition, it was turned on. My battery is dead. We're trying to get battery cables.
Me: Cables? I've got some in the garage.
I find the cables and give them to the guys. They got the van started in no time flat.

After they left my house, both were headed home. End of day call. I'm sure they were both glad they could go directly home instead of trying to figure out what to do with a van that had a dead battery with the keys locked in it.

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