Friday, March 6, 2009

You'd think I'd be fixed up all the time

Do you like in one of those places where you never-ever see your neighbors outside of your street?

Well that would NOT be us.

We constantly see how immediate neighbors everywhere.

Last Friday when I was helping supervise the Princess' Girl Scout cookie booth, a neighbor who lives 3 houses up my street was running in to get something at the grocery store. I hadn't seen here in WEEKS. Apparently, she'd been sick for a few weeks. And there she was running into the grocery store. Look FABULOUS I must say.

Then there was the Sunday when all four of us (the Hubs, Princess, Bear, and I) made the weekly shopping trip an outing. The kids took turns pushing the cart while the Hubs and I darted from aisle to aisle getting things. In the meat section, I ran into the couple that lives right next door to us. They're a retired couple and are VERY nice. They'd been out to IHOP for breakfast and were now doing their own weekly grocery shopping. In the bread section, we ran into a neighbor who lives in the cul-de-sac that's basically across the street from us.

One day I picked the kids up from school and we swung by the grocery store (the same one where we had the cookie booth last week) and bumped into a neighbor whose house we see from our backyard. She owns a salon and her husband, who is a retired firefighter, now stays home with the kids. In the produce section, I then ran into my neighbor-across-the-street. The loud guy? Yeah. He was there talking on his Bluetooth. I tried to slip away but he waved me down.

And just at lunchtime today? I was at the post office shipping off my sister's and my Mom's cookies off to them. I was chatting it up with the gal who was helping me. When she finished our transaction and took the box to the back, I heard a "Hi Grace!" I turned to my left and there was the gal who lives across the street and 4 houses to the left. I hadn't even noticed her (maybe because I was being such a chatty-Cathy with the post office clerk).

Now do YOU constantly run into your immediate neighbors when you're out and about doing errands. Going out to dinner? Going out to breakfast? Playing at the park? Well, in our neighborhood we do. It's just that we're all busy and we enjoy what's around us. With all the folks I end up running into, you'd think I'd always take the time to fix myself up. Put on some powder and lipstick? At least make sure my hair is brushed, eh?

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