Thursday, August 20, 2009

Soap Opera Drama Surrounds Him

The Hubs has some characters that he works with.

There was a guy (Guy#1) who missed work yesterday because he had to visit his doctor. No, Guy#1 wasn't sick. He had to see his doctor so that he could get checked out. Because Guy#1 had to get some dead skin cut off. Ewww! Yes. Apparently, the night before Guy#1 had accidentally fell and in the process his toenail was ripped off. Ewww! Yes. Apparently, he was outside looking at the sky and somehow tripped (ya think the dude was drinking?) and fell into his pool. Yes! And while he was falling got his toe caught on the edge and his toenail came off. Uhh....okay. That's the story the Hubs heard. Can you say knucklehead?

Then there's another guy (Guy#2) who came out of the blue with some life-changing news. I guess Guy#2 was contemplating attending a school in North Carolina to get an advanced degree. All summer Guy#2 and his wife have been considering it. Well, last week Guy#2 calls the Hubs up.
Guy#2: Hi! I won't be able to make any of my shifts the rest of this week.

Hubs: Okay. What do you mean?

Guy#2: I won't be able to make any shifts because I'm driving to North Carolina.

Hubs: You mean you're driving to North Carolina right now?


So you're not giving us any kind of notice? Just calling in?

Yeah. Because I'm driving right now to North Carolina.
A little rude of Guy#2 right? He quit over the phone! Can you believe it?

So the Hubs calls his boss and let's him know about the situation. The Hubs' boss calls the HR department to tell them what is happening. An HR rep calls Guy#2's wife, who happens to also work in a different part of the company.
HR Rep: Hi. I was wondering what was going on with your husband, Guy#2?

Guy#2 wife:
Why? What happened?

HR Rep:
He quit his job today and said he was on his way to North Carlina this morning.

Guy#2 wife:
What? He's driving out there? He better NOT have taken our daughter.
That's right folks. Guy#2 hadn't even told his WIFE that he was going. I guess they were in the midst of some marital turmoil. So I guess Guy#2 decided to just leave. LEAVE! And his wife wasn't concerned about him, but more concerned about their daughter.

And then there's Guy#3 who the Hubs is waiting to hear from. I guess Guy#3 wasn't doing well on the job. He wasn't able to complete all the tasks that he was responsible for. The Hubs has been working for at least 6 months trying to give Guy#3 support and training so that he'd be successful on the job. But it hasn't worked. Guy#3 has still been making jaw-dropping mistakes. And the Hubs' boss couldn't take it anymore and asked the Hubs to switch Guy#3 to another job in the department. It wasn't a demotion. It was a lateral move. Apparently, Guy#3 didn't like the possibility of switching. He is on vacation this week visiting his kids from his first marriage. His 2nd wife apparently works in another department and makes WAY more money than he does. Basically, Guy#3 doesn't have to work. And since he doesn't seem to want to switch jobs.... he may just quit.

My POOR husband! He's surrounded by knuckleheads! These aren't people he hired either. These are folks that have been at the company far longer than he's been there. But I just can't believe the "stuff" that happens on his office. The strange drama. It's like a soap opera!

Are you surrounded by nut-jobs at work? How do YOU deal with them?

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