Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The cold weather transition is upon us

It was a COLD day today.

No. It's not snowing like it is up in Colorado & Wyoming. But yesterday's high here was 87*. Today's high? 60*. A twenty-seven degree drop. In ONE day!


And tomorrow morning is going to be even colder! It's supposed to drop into the 30's overnight and then climb up to the low 60's during the day. Brrr...

I pretty much stayed inside all day. I could have taken a run but I did that yesterday. Plus I'm still trying to get over this little icky sickness that I've got. A sinus infection? Headache. Dry cough. Dry nasal passage. Until in the evening when I get nasal drip and sneeze. I've had it since Friday night, so I'm trying to take it easy.

Of course since it's cold, I sent my kids off in jackets and long-sleeve shirts. On other kind of chilly mornings, I typically send my son off to school in a short-sleeve shirt under a long-sleeve shirt. Why? Because he's like me. He gets hot easily. So I wanted him to have the option to remove the long-sleeve shirt and have a short-sleeve under. Good idea right? But in the car coming home from school...

Me: So did you have a good day buddy?

Bear: Yes. But I got hot in my classroom.

Me: Then why didn't you take your long-sleeve shirt off?

Bear: [gasping] Then I'd be naked!

Me: What???

Bear: I'd be NAKED!

Me: But what about your short-sleeve shirt?

Bear: I didn't have one today.

Last night the Hubs was in charge of getting the Bear's school outfit squared away. And he didn't make sure that the Bear grabbed a short-sleeve shirt. Oy!

But you should have heard us howling with laughter in my car about the sight of my son walking around in his class with his jeans and no shirt on. Ha!

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