Sunday, October 25, 2009

Feeling super tired

Good gosh people.

I feel tired.

Yesterday the Hubs took the kids up to see his family. He'd volunteered (AGAIN) to help with a move. This time? My BIL and his family were moving into a new rental. They've now officially moved back "home" after being in two different states in the last 3 years. Funny though that my SIL (who lives in town) didn't stop by to help at all. Hmmm....

So I spent most of Saturday by myself. I only took a short run, since I took a longer run on Friday. I dusted off all our windows and wood shutters [achoo-achoo!] along with a couple big wood pieces. I swept the downstairs and vacuumed all the carpets. Cleaned the toilets and wiped down all the bathroom counters. While I was working, I tackled 6 loads of laundry and even put everything away. Whew!

I think I'm just plain worn out from yesterday. But I could also be a little under the weather. My throat felt dry on Friday after my run. Then last night my nose felt so dry, I put a little Vaseline in. Maybe my allergies are starting to flair up?


I just feel yucky. Not sick. Just tired.

I seriously don't like it when I'm not feeling myself.

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